Take Time For You

With the modern hectic lifestyle, how often do you take time out just for you?

I used to be so guilty of the trap of work, work, work, weekend off and back to work until holiday time. The good thing is I love my job but I wasn’t making ME a priority.

When I launched my new company alongside my full time job, it seemed as though I would end up with even less ME time, however the opposite happened. It’s funny, the busier you are the more time you then seem to have.

All of a sudden I was making myself more of a priority. Whether that was having a night to pamper, look after my skin and body and unwind, or booking a weekday off for a spa session, I knew that by recharging and doing more for me, my job and business would thrive even more.

You’re maybe reading this wondering, “How on earth can you take time for you when you work, have a business and want time out?”

Simple. You plan. While I’ve always been very organised in the workplace and am used to planning and managing projects, applying this to your personal life feels different. Previously time would seem to just pass quickly and I would find myself wondering where the time had gone and why I wasn’t feeling recharged.

Time for a plan and for change. The first thing is to put all your existing commitments in the calendar, birthdays, weddings, events, work, holidays etc. Put these in as far in advance as you can. Next, colour code them so you know how much time you’re dedicating to different activities for example, work could be red, business activities could be blue, social activities purple, holidays yellow, ME time green. At a glance you can gauge if you need more balance across what you’re doing.

Each month and week you update your diary and MAKE SURE that you put in ME time. Every morning I have ME time as part of my ongoing personal development and daily routine, leaving me feeling uplifted and motivated for the day ahead. I’ll share what I do another day as it’s hugely benefited my life and also had a great impact on my team, their happiness and their business success.

Your ME time can include anything that recharges your batteries, makes you smile and feels good. Whether that’s hillwalking, swimming, spa days, shopping, reading, going to the theatre, even a soak in the tub. It tells you that you’re worth it, that you matter and let’s you top up your cup.

Once it becomes a habit you’ll look at your calendar and have plenty of time out for you as well as fitting in everything else. I’m now one of those people who can genuinely say I have it all. it juts took some planning, fine tuning and doing LOTS of things that lift me up.

What will you fit in first for your time out for you?

Here’s to your success,


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