The best part of what I do is seeing others succeed.

Here are some of the amazing people I’ve worked alongside and their success stories.

Wendy Griffith – Mum, Online Business Owner & Brand Ambassador

England, UK

“I have known Yvonne for a number of years through being in the IT industry along with her. When she approached me with the opportunity to launch a business I was curious. She’s already hugely successful and works full time so why would she also start a business?

At the time my marketing work  meant long commutes in and out of London, a complete lack of recognition for the effort I put in and only 25 days holiday a year. There had to be more to life than this, I wanted to own my own time and be my own boss, I just didn’t know what that would look like so I was open to hearing what Yvonne had to share.

Fast forward 7 years after launching my business and my life now looks completely different, and I am forever grateful to Yvonne for that. I live in a beautiful house by the coast, work part time hours and make a full time income and am a present parent to my daughter. Being my own boss means I choose my hours, where I work and I love my lifestyle. 

I’m honestly so thankful to Yvonne for this opportunity and would say to you get started, don’t overthink things, just go for it.”

Katy Clelland – Account Executive, Coach & Online Business Owner

Scotland, UK

“Running my own business, I’ve worked alongside Yvonne for nearly 3 years and I have learned so much from her during this time. She has given me so many light bulb moments which I have implemented into growing my business.

Yvonne always makes the time to coach & mentor me and her extended team, even though she is one of the busiest people I know!! She is kind but straight talking, which I love about her, and I always feel uplifted and inspired after speaking with her whether during a training or just a catch up over coffee.

It’s great being fully supported starting your own business with all the steps for success laid out.”

Carole McDougall – Property Investor, CEO and Online Business Owner

Scotland, UK

“Yvonne is not only a friend, she is also a mentor to me running my online business. She’s kind, so supportive and a wealth of knowledge.

Working with her, Yvonne is always a true professional, what you see is what you get and she’s happy to give tough love which is great to help you succeed in business.

As well as building up my property portfolio and being the CEO of Pure Living Community, it is my pleasure to work with Yvonne and grow my online business alongside her. It’s given me the opportunity to travel, speak onstage, train others and have time freedom.  A perfect business with the perfect mentor.”

Diane Nielsen – ExPat Mummy, Personal Development Fan and Online Business Owner

Lagos, Nigeria

“I met Yvonne, at a personal development course in the UK, and we instantly clicked. At the time I was looking for something for myself, a business, I just didn’t know what.

I’m so happy having Yvonne as a business sponsor and coach. Even being over in Africa, I’ve been learning and growing my business with online training from Yvonne over Zoom calls. She’s been there each step of the way showing me how to grow and build from scratch and cheesy as it sounds she is like an angel from above.

It’s exciting and fun seeing my business come on and I’m thrilled for Yvonne and I to be building our business futures together.”