Are you getting the most from life?

Back in 2009 I was working 70+ hour weeks with my corporate IT role, traveling all around the globe and working on great projects. My work has always been interesting and motivating, I’m one of those fortunate people who genuinely loves what I do. While I loved it, there just felt like I wanted more from life.

When you have a very busy schedule it’s easy to feel you don’t have time for anything else, even when you want more. Thinking about my future though, especially with the recession, you never know what’s around the corner. If for whatever reason I couldn’t work then how would I keep my lifestyle? My travel? My wellbeing? It’s a niggle that you try not to think about.

I was open to finding something more.

When you’re ready the opportunity appears

My brother and I had been talking and he mentioned a friend’s daughter had a fantastic opportunity and I should seriously consider it. It was flexible, allowed me to work from anywhere in the world and would give me the extra security I had been looking for. The first impression I had was, how can I fit anything else in and what on earth is the catch?

I had a pretty closed mind and when I decided to go and hear about the business model I saw it as a way to get my brother off my back. What happened literally changed my life.


The Digital Age of Entrepreneurs

Having been in the world of corporate work for my whole adult career, my understanding of business was that you had to have an entrepreneurial background, think like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and know everything there is about being an entrepreneur.

Meeting Lesley, my now Business Mentor, and Caroline one of her business partners, completely changed my view and understanding of how online companies work. Neither of these women has a business background nor were tech savvy. They had simply decided to learn all the ins and outs of building a scalable online company and partnered with mentors who were already successful in the field.

I understood then that I had the chance to build my own business, learn from those who were already making an income in the digital world and choose the pace at which I worked. This was a win-win as it meant that I could continue working in the job I loved, build an additional income and long term asset and still have time to travel, see friends and family and have ME time.

The Big Breakthrough

I began attending trainings, tuning into online learning sessions and followed all the steps and advice provided by my mentor. Just like I was told, the business started to grow and I began to receive an income. It was such an exciting thrill knowing I had made this new income stream from a business, not a job!

The other incredible part of my journey was that I was now able to start mentoring and working with other brand new business owners. It’s such an amazing feeling being able to share your knowledge and help another to achieve their own success.  Different from my job where I manage teams, I was working with Leaders and assisting them to step into their own success.


In 2011 I flew over to sunny Nevada to attend an International Training Conference to further upskill myself, network and learn more about my online industry. This was an absolute mindset breakthrough for me. Up until this time I always saw my business as a great extra piggy bank, something that could give me a few extra thousand pounds a month for savings, holidays, retirement and a safety blanket.

The reality was, it was so much more than that.

During the exceptional few days of training, I heard from online entrepreneurs and digital nomads how to create a 6 and 7 figure business by further scaling and growing what you were doing. I learned how to inspire even more people and further grow our business model. The penny dropped and I saw that I was able, just like you are, to create a 6 and 7 figure income from my web-based business.

You can have everything you want

Just like any other endeavor you reap what you sow. I made the decision to actively fit in a few extra hours a week to further grow my business and it has very much paid off. In November 2016 I reached my first £5000 month and it was such a humbling feeling. Someone with no business background, a hectic life and very little spare time was able to build a full-time income working part-time on my phone and laptop.

The beauty is since then I’ve been able to mentor and coach others to do the same and achieve their income goals while continuing to build my own business.

I often have people ask, what’s the catch and it is simply this, for you to succeed you need to put in the time and effort and help others. You have to be open to learning about business in the 21st century and follow a business plan. You then simply need to put in consistent work…..that is the catch.

My life was wonderful before, now it’s more than I could have ever dreamed of. I travel and see more of the world, I’ve been able to upgrade my already comfortable life, I have even more security so if I could never work again I know I’m ok. The best part is how much I’ve grown as an individual and leader. I’ve had the opportunity to speak and train hundreds of business owners on how to build their own success model as well as coaching and mentoring others. It really is a fairtytale come true.

Are you ready for the next step…

I share my story because I’m a normal person from Glasgow. I didn’t have any special skills, extra time to spare or a silver spoon in my mouth. All the success has come from work and a great mentor.

If what you’ve read has resonated with you and you want to learn more about creating more success in your life then get in touch with me and we can arrange a chat so you can learn exactly what it’s like to build your own company to create your best life.

I look forward to helping you with your success.